Takstar has set up a completed quality control system according to ISO 9001:2008 and implemented effective PDCA cycle management basing on the quality policy.Over 60 high qualified QE, technician, QC and 500 sets advanced testing equipments constitute a powerful inspection team, we strictly control the quality from IQC, parts processing, products assembly, stock till OQC by using the scientific inspection method, each process should be checked by QC to assure 100% qualified products for customers.  
 1. Laboratory Centre: Takstar Laboratory Centre is equipped with the advanced equipments including B&K electro-acoustic analyzer, X-ray fluorescence, sunlight, SPL, salt-spray, constant temperature & huity, vibration, drop, cable tensile, plug bending, SW life, surface friction, super daylight,  which provide the integrated test analysis for the development,, research and production.
 2. Condenser(professional) Microphone Workshop: The workshop adopts anti-static and dust-free design, which mainly produce recording microphone, shotgun microphone, instrument microphone, conference microphone and accessories such as large gold-plated diaphragm capsule and phantom power with high-quality technical skill and workmanship.
 3. Dynamic Microphone Workshop: It owns 2 automatic production lines, sunlight testing equipment and production tools, high daily production capacity is up to 8000pcs.
 4. Headphone Workshop: Equipped with 3 automatic production lines, automatic glue-placing machine and artificial-ear tester, etc,  it is good at producing various earphones, headsets, Hi-Fi stereo headphones, wireless headphones,  professional monitor headphones and speakers.
 5. Wireless Microphone Workshop: Equipped  with automatic production lines, SMT workshop, professional shield rooms and testing equipments(high frequency oscillograph, high frequency signal generator, spectrum analyzer, transistor test graphic instrument, frequency meter, ect.), it mainly produce 2.4G, UHF, VHF wireless microphone, wireless tour guide system and wireless teaching system.
 6. Die-casting Workshop: Equipped with die-casting machine, high accuracy CNC machine, punching machine and polishing machine. It mainly produces and processes various kinds of metal parts.
 7. Plastic Processing Workshop: The workshop is capable of processing various types of plastic materials such as ABS, PVC, PP, POM, NAS, PBT and fuel resistance material. It equipped with a number of vertical and horizontal injection machines, drying machine, color mix machine, and crushing machine.
 8. Surface Treatment Workshop: It contains equipments of electroplating, sandblasting, spray painting, paint baking, and silk-screening for both metal and plastic parts.

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