DMS-7AS Instrument

• Designed for professional instruments and stage applications
• Large drum microphone - designed to capture kick drum beats and low frequency musical instruments
• Small drum microphone - ideal for tom-toms and snare drums 
• Condenser microphone - excellent in reproducing the sounds of instruments such as cymbals and pianos
• All microphones handle extremely high volume level with ease
• Low output impedance for long distance connection without compromising sound quality
• Multiple structure and surface treatments for durability


Product Content
• TA-8320 kick drum microphone - 1pc
• TA-8260 small drum microphone - 1pc
• TA-8250 small drum microphone - 3pcs
• PCM-5400 condenser microphone - 2pcs
• W-50 windscreen - 2pcs
• CH-58 microphone clamp - 2pcs 
• Plastic carrying case with foam inlay - 1pc

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