Recommend Integrated Application
  • Tour Guide System WTG-500

    WTG-500 Tour Guide System

    • PLL frequency synthesis technique for stable signal transmission • UHF frequency range with 6 selectable channels • Low power consumption design,receiver can work for more than 24hrs by using 2pcs alkaline batteries • One transmitter can be operated with multiple receivers within the operating range • Dynamic expanding circuit for high S/N ratio • Complex interference-free circuit for using more than 4 sets simultaneously without mutual interference • Both transmitter and receiver use LCD-display to indicate frequency,channel,battery,level status • Long operating range up to 100m

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  • Tour Guide System WTG-900

    WTG-900 Tour Guide System

    •780-850MHZ digital frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) design automatically filter & minimize the wireless interference •10 sets of systems can be used at the same time without mutual interference •More than 100m long operation range, the maximum in open area can be 300m •Supports wireless talkback function, switch the mode of tour guide or talkback according to your using requirements •LCD-display indicates the battery level, receiving signal strength as well as the current channel to control the working state anytime •Adopts intelligent AGC audio signal processing technology for high sound capture capability and high quality sound reproduction •Powered by high capacity lithium-ion battery, playtime is more than 12hrs •Light and durable aluminum alloy construction •Supplied with special charger and portable aluminum case for convenient outdoor using

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  • Conference System TS-808V

    TS-808V Conference System

    • 8-channel automatic mixer with high S/N ratio and clear, natural sound  quality • Advanced microprocessor controlled circuitry • Capable of linking systems containing several mixers • Optional control for principal mode, FIFO mode, free mode • Additional line input for backgroud music • Balanced microphone output • Additional line output for recording system • Powered by 48V phantom power supply, separate power switchs for  channel 1-4 and channel 5-8 • High output level for synonous tracking of the camera and indicator • Can be used as common mixer while switching to the manual mode • Headphone monitoring function available • Optional 10dB attenuation on ecah channel for different applications • Camera PTZ control port(support VISCA/PELCO_D/P protocol)for conferencing camera automatically tracking

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  • Conference System TS-108

    TS-108 Conference System

    • Supports 10 balanced or unbalanced microphone signal input • Independent microphone output volume control • Stereo line input for connecting the background sound source device • 48V phantom power supply meets the power supply demand of condenser microphone • With microphone ECHO effect adjustment function • Built-in digital frequency shift circuit features strong howling restraint ability • 2 microphone EQ adjustment for better sound effect of different microphone

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  • Talk-back System DA-237

    DA-237 Talk-back System

    •Full duplex voice technology automatically recognizes and process voice signal •Special anti-side tone processing chip features automatic squelch control and effectively minimize the howling •Full automatic communication control technology, wall mount unit(external unit) features integrated microphone and speaker, one cable for convenient connection of the wall mount unit and desktop unit •Excellent circuitry for high output power up to 3W and clear sound quality •Independent mute control on desktop unit for both external and internal units •Audio input function input signal like PC voice warning for customer listening •Line output function for recording of internal/external voice signal •Cable protection design on desktop unit •Compact, elegant design

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  • Wireless Monitor System WPM-200

    WPM-200 Wireless Monitor System

    • UHF frequency band (780-789MHz) and PLL frequency synthesized technology for stable working performance • 6 selectable channels • Powered by 2pcs AA batteries, low power consumption design for long playtime up to 30 hours • Multiple sets of receivers can be operated with a single transmitter within the operating range • Dynamic expansion circuitry for high S/N ratio • Complex anti-interference circuit for using 4-6sets at the same time without mutual interference • Receiver LCD displays frequency, channel and battery level

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  • Guitar Wireless System WGV-601

    WGV-601 Guitar Wireless System

    • Professional transmission and reception • Effective operating distance up to 60 meters • Pure quartz circuit for stable frequency and interference-free reception • Circuit controlled switching noise elimination • Adjustable input gain • LED power indicator for working status and low battery warning

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  • Wireless Teaching System WDA-700

    WDA-700 Wireless Teaching System

    • UHF 790MHz-805.750MHz and 806MHz-821.750MHz frequency bands, 64 frequencies per band, totally 128 selectable frequencies • Adopts patent anti-interference technology, the transmitter can be used free from interference in any classroom which has installed the WDA700 wireless speaker • The transmit frequency is automatically and synonously set by the receiver (main speaker) via infrared data transmission • High quality wooden speaker housing and advanced audio circuitry design features natural and distortion-free sound • Stereo left and right speakers, maximum output power is up to 30W • AUX IN socket for convenient connection with signal from campus broadcasting or DVD, etc • LINE OUT function meets the demands of multimedia teaching • The transmitter is supplied with high capacity rechargeable lithium ion batteries; the continuous playtime is up to 12 hrs • Elegant and durable metal alloy housing for transmitter • Choices of installation: mounting with tripod, hanging on wall, or putting on the table directly

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  • Mixer Console XR-1016FX

    XR-1016FX Mixer Console

    • A mixer console with 10 mono channel, 6 stereo channel, 4 groups and 9-band EQ • 10 XLR and TRS balanced input port • 6 stereo TRS balanced input port • Super low noise preamplifier and +48V phantom power • Designed with SUB1-2, SUB3-4 and MAIN L-R signal assignment switch for each channel • 4 auxiliary transmission for each channel: AUX1 and AUX2 auxiliary transmission with PRE/POST switch for monitoring the using effect and sound processor input, whether controlled by fader or not is to switch the PRE/POST switch; additional auxiliary transmission DFX1 and DFX2 for monitoring the external or internal DSP effect when it is set at the post of the fader • Mono channel features 3-band EQ and adjustable mid frequency, stereo channel features 4-band EQ • INSERT and XLR port for each mono channel for convenient and flexible connection with various audio equipment • CD/Tape IN can be distributed to the main output and monitor/headphone output • USB port provides 5V/0.5A power supply • 9-band graphic EQ • 24-byte internal effector with 100 presets, effect mute and peak LED indicator

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  • Mixer Console XR-210FX

    XR-210FX Mixer Console

    • Advanced circuit design and high quality electronic components features low noise, low distortion, wide dynamic range and strong anti-interference ability • 3-band EQ for high, and low frequency adjustment effectively improve the tone • With signal overload (clip) indication, 80Hz low cut function • Built-in +50dB low noise microphone preamplifier and 48V phantom power supply suits different kinds of microphone • Stereo input channel with sensitivity adjustable (+4db, -10db) switch can match with different kinds of input sound source • 60mm sliding potentiometer controls the main output volume efficiently and expediently • With RCA CD input, recording output terminal, MAIN output and CTRL ROOM, PHONES monitoring output • Built-in DSP effect with 100 kinds of effect choices meet various occasions and user requirements • Built-in German USB chip sound card for free driver and convenient connection with computer (only need one USB cable)

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  • Mixer Console XR-612FX

    XR-612FX Mixer Console

    • 6 XLR and TRS balanced input socket • Stereo TRS balanced input socket • Gain control + 48V phantom power • Mono channels with 3-band EQ; Stereo with 4-band EQ • Two auxiliary sends: auxiliary sends AUX1 with PRE/POST switch for change between pre-fade or post- fade.auxiliary sends AUX2 is fixed on pre-fader and monitor DSP effect • Mute, PFL and signal present LED on all input channels • Channel with SUB1-2 and MAIN L-R allocation switch • CD/Tape IN sends to the main output or monitoring output • Monitoring provides pre-attenuation and post-attenuation, two different control signal routings • Balanced XLR and TRS output • Built-in 24 bit digital effects processor, 100 pre-setting, effect mute function and peak LED

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  • Feedback Suppressor FE-224

    FE-224 Feedback Suppressor

    • 24 programmable filters per channel • Dual independent channel processing • Live and fixed filter modes • Automatic live filter release • Selectable application of VOLTA proprietary filter variations (Music/Speech) • 2 x Input channel metering • 24 LED filter metering per channel • 2 x XLR and 2 x TRS electronically balanced inputs and outputs • Selectable operating level switches (+4dBu / -10dBv) • Rear panel lockout switch

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  • Antenna System TS-AD2

    TS-AD2 Antenna System

    • UHF wide frequency band(450~950MHz)design, built-in signal amplifier • Built-in attenuation switch, selectable output signal strength • High front-to-rear ratio antenna effectively suppress the rear interference signal • Common RF transmission cable for power supply, it saves the cable material and is convenient for use • Waterproof characteristic for outdoor us

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  • Tour Guide System UHF-938 Upgraded Version

    UHF-938 Upgraded Version Tour Guide System

    • UHF frequency band, PLL frequency synthesized technology ensures stable and reliable performance • UHF 432.5-434MHz frequency band, preset two optional channels • Low-power consumption design, 2pcs alkaline battery can work more than 20 hours • One transmitter can work with multiple receivers within the operating range • Dynamic expanding circuit for high S/N ratio • Complex interference-free circuit enables 2 sets to use simultaneously without mutual interference

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  • Conference System TS-816V

    TS-816V Conference System

    • Balanced/unbalanced 16 channel combo input, supports microphone or line input, with independent gain input control knob • Camera PTX control port (support VISCA/PELCO_D/P protocol) for conference camera automatic tracking • Four camera inputs, automatic video output signal switch and multi-position video without dead-corner suits for video conferencing with multiple participants • 3 units can be combined and used together, user can increase the quantity of host unit according to the actual application • With speak restriction mode, FIFO, the simultaneous speaking number can be set to effectively reduce the howling and enhance the conference quality • Intelligent voice control function, when the voice is detected and exceeds the set threshold, the microphone will turn on automatically • Chairman channel is always defaulted as channel 1, which is not restricted by the speech mode • Provided with switchable 48V phantom power supply

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  • Talk-back System DA-239

    DA-239 Talk-back System

    • Full automatic communication control, duplex voice intercom communication technology automatically recognize and process the voice signal without any operation during communication • Stereo output port for both internal and external voice signal output (for bank clerk recording), recording function is not controlled by the power button and function buttons • Use high performance components, high output power up to 5W, clear and loud sound quality, high voice resolution • Independent mute control button on host unit for both external and internal units, which can be controlled according to the application • Elegant appearance design, built-in LED indicator on the buttons for simple use • Customized anti-side tone processing chip for automatic squelch control and effectively minimize the howling • Audio signal input function like PC voice prompt for external broadcasting • Extension unit can be hung on the wall or pasted on the glass by strong adhesive tape • Dual gooseneck design for different pickup angle

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  • Upgraded Version WPM-100

    WPM-100 Upgraded Version

    • UHF frequency band and PLL frequency synthesized technology for stable working performance • UHF 780-789MHz frequency band with 3 preset selectable channels • Low power consumption design,receiver can work for more than 30hrs by using 2pcs alkaline batteries • One transmitter can be operated with multiple receivers within the operating range • Adopts dynamic circuit for high S/N ratio • Composite anti-interference circuit enable 3 sets to use simultaneously without mutual interference

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  • Mixer Console XR-1824FX

    XR-1824FX Mixer Console

    • 18 XLR and TRS balanced inputs • 6 stereo TRS balanced inputs • Low noise preamplifier and +48V phantom power • Each channel has SUB1-2, SUB3-4 and MAIN L-R signal distribution switch • Each channel has 4 aux sends: AUX1/AUX2 sends with PRE/POST switch are used to monitor the operation effect and sound processor input, whether controlled by fader or not is to switch the PRE/POST switch; additional aux sends DFX1 and DFX2 are used to monitor the external or internal DSP effect when it is set at the post of the fader • Mono channel has 3 band EQ with adjustable MF, stereo 4 band EQ • Insert connector and direct output connector for each mono channel, together with the main insert connector, it can connect with the external equipment flexibly • CD/Tape IN can be assigned to the main output and monitor/headphone output • USB interface, 9 band GEQ • Built-in 24 bit effecter equipped with 100 presets, effect mute and peak LED

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  • Equalizer EQ 3102

    EQ 3102 Equalizer

    • Easy to operate the front panel controls • Constant Q circuitry design with 3% center frequency accuracy • Selectable control range: ±6dB or±15dB • Balanced and unbalanced input and output connectors • Variable input level control • Signal clipping control • Ground "LIFT" switch to disconnect signal ground from chassis ground • Selectable input voltage • Durable and compact design • The unit is with subwoofer output

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  • Antenna System TS-AD1

    TS-AD1 Antenna System

    • UHF wide frequency band(450~950MHz)design enable 4 sets of receiver to share the antenna • Built-in power distribution system supplies power for 4 receivers • Built-in power supply circuit in the antenna input interface supplies power for the antenna amplifier directly • Independant protection circuit for each power port assures the normal operation of the other units when one of the receiver has a breakdown • The main power switch controls the power supply of all devices

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  • Headphone Amplifier HA-618

    HA-618 Headphone Amplifier

    • Mountable in a 19" Rack Unit • 6 individual headphone channels • Input gain control, and individual output gain control • Up to 3 headphone outputs per channel for a total of 18 headphones • "Direct In" and "Headphone Output" on the front panel for easy operation when mounted in a rack • Input and Output Level LED Meter • Balanced Control to mix up the Main In and the AUX In signal • Main outputs for connecting with additional unit headphone amplifiers • High-end quality even at high volume levels • Exceptionally rugged construction ensures long life and durability • Universal and professional headphone amplification system for studio and stage application

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